FlatmateHub Community Guidelines

Flatmate Hub is an inclusive community where all members are expected to treat one another with the utmost respect. Below are our community guidelines:

  1. Treat all members equally regardless of race, colour, sex, gender identity, religion, age or sexual orientation.
  2. Be respectful and civil towards all members—at all times—when communicating via the site or other means.
  3. Only use Flatmate Hub to offer shared accommodation or find a home, and never for any other purpose.
  4. Only list or offer a property that is fit for living in and that you would want to live in yourself.
  5. Abide by local planning and state tenancy laws

Flatmate Hub reserves the right to remove listings and or cancel the accounts of members found to be acting in a manner contrary to these guidelines.
If you would like to report any untoward behaviour, please use the "Report" link located on every listing.